Ibérica Marylebone – Spanish tapas & design

Ibérica Marylebone, photos by Photo Larks.

I was due a visit to Ibérica Marylebone a long time ago. I tend to avoid Spanish food outside Spain, as it is generally overpriced and tiny portions. The tapas culture allows you to have a very nice meal trying many different dishes, but in previous experiences the restaurants serve two meatballs or a stupid toast with a piece of garlic and cherry tomato…

I regret so much not going to Ibérica before. The food was so tasty that I felt I was in Spain at some stage. Most of the staff are Spanish and they are very kind and helpful; overall my best Spanish meal outside Spain so far. I even had some flashbacks with pulpo a la gallega (octopus, potatoes and paprika).

The main purpose of my visit was checking the interior design by Lázaro Rosa-Violán, a very famous designer. He is one of those from whom, since I heard  of three years ago for the first time, I keep finding more and more spaces with his signature style. From his studio/house in Barcelona he has been commissioned restaurants, hotels and shops all over the world.

After living in Barcelona for a few years I would say that his work is reminiscent of the Spanish city. It might be the use of hydraulic tiles, the combination of mirrors, woods and the light; there is something of Barcelona in it.

Overall there is nothing in particular that identifies his work, but the whole space tells you his mind is behind it.

I admire the way the places look like they have always been there; there is no stiffness or brand new smell. And that is a very clever process itself.

A favourite place in Barcelona is Big Fish; designed by Rosa-Violán and serving delicious food.

This is not only a restaurant but a shop where you can find books and the best Spanish food.


Also in London Lárazo Rosa-Violán has designed Ibérica Canary Wharf (maybe the next visit of The Hunter), Ibérica La Terraza and a hostel.

I can’t help it but showing you some Spanish delicatessen:

Jamón Ibérico
Olive oil
Pulpo a la gallega
Croquetas de jamón
Pimientos de piquillo
Hamburguesas de secreto ibérico
Tarta de Santiago
Moscatel and pacharán

I hope you feel tempted. It is a very well designed place but the food is even better!!! I found the following in the bathrooms:

Finally I leave you a photo of Rosa-Violán’s studio in Barcelona, perfect for this time of the year…

Photo from http://www.lazarorosaviolan.com

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Vibeke says:

    How funny – before I read the whole post, I thought “This restaurant looks like Big Fish”. Lovely design 🙂

  2. I love the design of this restaurant and the food looks lovely too! I’ll have to make a visit one evening!

    1. Please do, you will not regret it!

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