This was my second time in Toronto, but my first proper visit. We spent a few days walking around and discovering more of this vibrant city.

Canada is a welcoming country with kind and friendly people. I only encountered smily faces and one can tell that Canadians are proud of their country.

Toronto has a lot to see and we will need to come back a few times to really appreciate the full offer.


The place to stay has to be Le Germain Toronto. We avoid big chains and impersonal hotels, so we spent quite a long time researching and comparing the best possible options. This hotel is very central which allowed us to walk around most of the city.


Le Germain Toronto is a cool and modern hotel. The decoration is quite contemporary, full of details and design touches.

We walked into a really sleek room, with dimmed lights and jazz music playing in the stereo. Every detail has been thoughtfully placed with your comfort in mind. From the coffee machine to the powerful shower, you will be looking forward to coming back to your room, there is no doubt about that.

Expect outstanding service. The staff are professional and welcoming. And there are free apples any time you want to help yourself to a healthy snack.

The restaurant offers a great selection of wines. The food is also excellent.

Kensington Market

I was expecting an indoor market, possibly because I didn’t quite research this area of the city. Instead, Kensington Market is an area of narrow and fascinating streets. Most houses are old and painted in bright colours. It is a really quirky area for you to get lost and encounter the most crazy shops and characters.

Strolling around

There is so much to see, from the financial district with its overwhelming skyscrapers to Bloor-Yorkville, which has been called Toronto’s 5th Avenue.




I can only but recommend the new hotspot in town. If you like Japanese food, Imanishi is the place to go. Check my previous post about them and make sure you book a table any time you are in town, you will not regret it.

The islands

Before coming back to London we decided to take the ferry and visit the few islands overlooking the town skyline. It was the end of the season and there were not many visitors, nor a lot of open restaurants.

I felt like a kid again riding our rented bicycles from one end to the other. The scenery is great and it was a very hot day. It was also my fist time in a lake beach.


We only stopped for lunch and dipping our feet in Lake Ontario. But we made sure we didn’t miss a single spot. The islands are a great thing to do, especially for families.

Toronto Airport 

Our last day in Toronto was the beginning of Toronto Film Festival. The whole city is taken over by huge screens, gigs and events around this international festival. That also means that the hotel prices rocket from one day to another.


We decided to look for a hotel close to the airport, and we really hit the jackpot. Most airport hotels are dull and boring. There is nothing worse than having to sleep close to the airport to catch an early flight. But Le Germain Toronto has a sister hotel which is just perfect.


Alt Hotel Toronto is an affordable boutique hotel. The design is outstanding and our room facing the airport runway made my day. This is a small hotel with a bar but not a proper restaurant.

They offer some food options, but they can also order a takeaway for you and have it delivered to your room.

This was a short visit, but I am sure we will be back very soon. Next time I intend to explore the surrounding landscape and smaller towns, which I am sure will be quite charming.

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