Pedro Paricio – Dreams

A few weeks ago we received an invitation to Pedro Paricio‘s new exhibition, Dreams. It is always an experience to see his work, but having followed his career for a few years now, it is even better to appreciate the evolution he has had. And he has lost his signature blazer, tie and hat for a wilder look.




When mingling in Mayfair, one makes an effortless effort.


For the first time, Pedro presented a stunning piece of sculpture that got everybody’s attention.



The staircase featured the already famous signature multicoloured pattern present in so many of his pieces.


The Halcyon Gallery is already a stunning building and they always do an incredible job displaying the artwork. Make sure you pay them a visit if you happen to be strolling around New Bond Street.


My favourite pieces are these three; shame I was late and they were already sold when I arrived.


This exhibition marks Pedro’s fifth year collaborating with the Halcyon Gallery, and I can tell that there will be many more to come. It is also quite significant that he was the youngest artist to sign with the gallery, when he was 28 back then.


These figurative paintings have such a striking colour and depth that I tend to spend a long time mesmerised by each one of them. I always wonder where in the world they will end up hanging.


Thanks to Pedro for the invitation and allowing us to share the evening with him. It was an honour being able to witness yet another success.


Little Observationist and myself visited his studio in Tenerife at the beginning of the year, although we couldn’t see any of these paintings in the making. If you want to have a sneak peek into his studio, don’t miss this post by Little Observationist: INSIDE THE STUDIO OF PEDRO PARICIO, A HALCYON GALLERY ARTIST




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