Sky Garden


If you live in London, you simply have to go up there at least once. I am still due a visit to The Shard, but I finally made it to the Sky Garden.

Londoners named this building the Walkie Talkie for obvious reasons. Before the building was finished, the reflection of the sun on its curved facade burnt a sports car in the city. This is probably one of the best facts you will ever hear about a London landmark. In fact, during long time the glass was simply covered with a dark screen to avoid burning down more expensive cars parked close by.

You can book a free visit online, but it tends to be fully booked for long periods of time as tourists love the attraction. You can also book a table at the restaurant, or like we did, the Darwin Brasserie for a nice breakfast. This will give you plenty of time to enjoy the views and actually, a really nice breakfast experience.


There is something quite magical about finding other landmarks that you recognise, or simply spending time mesmerised with the views over London.

I have to say that I was expecting a way more lush and colourful garden, but it is still quite impressive. And let’s be honest, how often do you get to visit a garden 155 metres above the ground?

I really enjoyed recognising some landmarks.





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