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It is no breaking news that Spanish companies rule the high street market. But there is a new addition to this, the menswear in the middle range market. Not everybody can afford a made to measure suit from Saville Row, but there are many other more affordable options. So it seems that the Spaniards are conquering the world with a new Armada.

I have been in London for almost five years now, and in this time I have been happily surprised by some of this brands opening in the city, although I still like individuality and the fact that you can’t find certain things unless you visit the country of origin. But I am proud to see how Spanish brands become international and help the damaged economy of my beloved home country.

The most interesting fact is that this type of fashion is very British in a way. Historically elegance has been a British thing; it is just that this time happens to be produced in Spain.


Scalpers will open very soon in Carnaby Street. This area was once the homeland of the mod movement and it seems it will soon be the place to visit to buy interesting blazers and work on your preppy outfit.

Scalpers was created in 2003 and sell their own products, from shoes to morning suits and complements. Their logo is already a recognisable icon (scull and crossbones) and they are famous for their cool slippers.

PicMonkey Collage
From top left: Skull backpack denim 68.00€, New Dressy suit navy 388.00€ and distinctive slippers and logo.

El Ganso

I have been a regular client since they had only two stores in Spain. El Ganso is one of the fastest growing businesses, which is now a case study in most business schools.

This venture started in 2004 and now has 120 points throughout 10 countries, including France, United Kingdom and Chile. There are kid’s and women’s collections as well.

I usually buy at their shop in the Kings Road, but they also have shops in Carnaby Street and Westfield.

They offer a huge range of funky blazers and coats and I have to say that I still use some shirts I bought back in 2009, good as new. But the real boom started with very simple trainers. Affordable quality with impeccable design.

PicMonkey Collage
From top left: Walking White Canvas 55.00€Sky Blue Chambray Slimfit Shirt 65.00€ and Plain Royal Blue Subalpino Trousers 85.00€
Top: Navy Subalpino Hashtag Blazer €175.00. Bottom: Navy Subalpino Checked Blazer€175.00


This is a recent finding for me. I stumbled upon one of their shops during my last visit to Spain. Their are expanding a lot, but for now you will have to visit the sunny country or buy online.

They have a huge number of followers on social media and lots of guys post their pictures wearing Silbon.

PicMonkey Collage
From top left: Thousand Lines Shirt 59.00€, Nelson Green sweater 49.00€ and Croche Linen Green tie 34.90€.


Based in Barcelona and specialising in affordable quality shirts, this is a company to watch. I am sure that the range of products will grow very soon. Right now you can buy online and the shirts will be in multi-brand shops around the country in no time.

Balibur started in 2015 and therefore there is still a lot to hear from them.

PicMonkey Collage
From top left: Torre, Sur and Marina, all 59.90€.


Handmade shoes and complements. Spain has a long tradition of shoemakers and Sotoalto has been around since 1979. Now they are revamping the brand and adapting the products to the current market.

With a good price, these products are also certainly of very good quality.

PicMonkey Collage
From top left: Natural 3 sunglasses 49.00€, Sould A oxfords 69€ and S Catrina slippers 99.00€ 


Bow-Tie has shops in Madrid and Barcelona. They represent a higher end of the spectrum. The shops are cosy and very British, but with a Spanish soul. They introduced the slippers into the Spanish market.

They produce their own collections: Casual and Classic, but you can also find international brands in their stores. Expect Chester sofas and Union Jacks, ties, braces and all sorts of sartorial complements. But amongst everything else, an impressive collection of shoes.

PicMonkey Collage
From top left: Holmes monks 215.50€, Fleur de Lys velvet slippers 156.00€ and Monaghan loafers 396.00€.

Captura de pantalla 2016-04-04 a las 17.11.40

Despite the multiple links included in this post, I strongly recommend a good browse around the websites, or even better, a short haul escape to Spain for the weekend (no Sunday trade there though!).


Although founded in Chelsea in 1979, Hackett was bought by Spanish investors in 2005.





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