Cornerstone shaving products


I received by post this very cool present. The lovely Stephanie Sadler decided to surprise me for our anniversary with this new grooming product. It might come with a message…

I don’t usually wet shave, but I do every few months when I am tired of having a beard or I simply feel like I want to see my skin again.


Cornerstone is a new and exciting product, delivered to your doorstep as frequently as you need it. It has been cleverly designed and the box looks very smart. I like the idea of its simplicity and good quality.

You can choose which products and how often you need them. There are some other ‘boxes’ from companies that deliver fruit and vegetables, meals etc. But I have found very annoying the fact that you can’t stop the service that easily. Cornerstone allows you to place a one off order or schedule the whole year ahead.



With your delivery you receive a small magazine with very interesting content about fashion, food and travel. It is perfect for your commute or short reading times. And I believe very soon ’15 Minutes’ is due to get even better with a new writer on board.

Loving my personalised razor.

Of course I had to shave as soon as I had the time, and the results are quite impressive. First of all the shaving gel smells fantastic and feels even better. But I am mostly impressed by the razor itself, very smooth and pleasant. I felt like coming back to basics, before vibrating razors and all the crazy development that went into this daily routine for many men.

The after-shave balm is really good. In my case I have to space the shavings a few days due to very sensitive skin, but I feel that I could give it another try in less than that.

A happy husband.x

Sometimes it is really hard to think of a present, so here is a very good option, ladies. This is also a good excuse for any guy to treat himself, and I would have done it if I wasn’t such a lucky guy already.



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