Terrariums – Urban Garden

There is a trend going on everywhere. Terrariums are becoming very popular and one of the most instagrammed things right now.

Many of us live in busy cities with little or no outdoor space. We spend hours at the office and the only chance of some fresh air might be the weekend. So this is NOT the way forward. We should be embracing plants in our lives for so many reasons.

The Royal Horticultural Society is running various campaigns like “Greening Grey Britain”. You can register and promise that you will plant something in your garden or on your balcony. It is worth a thorough read, and this campaign is very important to make sure that we don´t forget how dependant we are on plants and trees. And you don’t need to be green fingered to enhance anywhere you live. Plants have a huge emotional impact on our lives.

But let’s focus on something everybody can do at home. Terrariums offer endless possibilities if you are imaginative to create them yourself. But nowadays you can buy them ready to go. They will be a cool and healthy addition to your home.

Make your own

Make your own terrarium with Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy is one of those mesmerising websites with a very active Instagram account. Check HERE for a very basic and easy way of getting started.

Petersham Nurseries in Richmond offers really cool hands-on workshops by the talented Thomas Bloom.

Ready to buy

Captura de pantalla 2016-02-12 a las 21.02.49
The Boiling Flask, £150 from London Terrariums

London Terrariums started making terrariums for friends and family. Now they are very successful and they run quite popular workshops. Have a look at the upcoming ones HERE.

Captura de pantalla 2016-02-12 a las 21.09.41
Tear drop, fully assembled, £150 from The Urban Botanist
Captura de pantalla 2016-02-12 a las 21.12.40
Supersize Hexagon, fully assembled, £195 from The Urban Botanist

In the States, Anthropologie has a few quirky garden centres called Terrain. They have a very interesting range:

PicMonkey Collage

But the real fun of a terrarium is to take it as a project. You would be surprised how easy it is and how many things you already have at home. The key is to make sure that you allow for some drainage, preferably with gravel. Think that plants are alive, they need water and air, but they don´t like to have their roots sitting in water all day.

The right plant in the right place is also essential, so if in doubt, check with an expert (your flower shop or a gardener would be able to help). Air plants (Tillandsia) are a very good option since these plants don’t need soil at all and they can capture the moisture from the air in the room.

I put together this one using and existing vase, some gravel and two air plants. I can tell you that this is the plant of which I take the least care.

Captura de pantalla 2016-02-12 a las 21.24.27

So I hope I have encouraged you to add some green to your life. It will be good for your soul and your eyes.

Some other sources of inspiration and good purchase opportunity are Etsy and Not on the High Street; check them out! I have linked them to the specific search.

Stay tuned for a new show that The Royal Horticultural Society is putting together next November: RHS London Urban Garden Show.


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