Land Rover Defender – Paul Smith


It doesn’t happen very often that one of the coolest designers revamps my favourite car. This Land Rover is the quintessential British car right now and the perfect over the top gift for the Hunter.

The production of the Land Rover Defender is due to end in December of this year. This is Paul Smith‘s tribute before the end of this icon.


“The Defender is a British icon, which is something I’m exceptionally proud of.” – Sir Paul Smith



“I wanted deep, rich colours, but at the same time, I wanted them to work together yet be surprising,” says Paul.

PicMonkey Collage

Paul Smith found inspiration from the British countryside as well as colours historically seen on Defenders used by the Armed Forces. It features 27 different colours on the exterior panels.

The interior had to stay true to his vision. “This is a complete one-off; I wanted to give this Defender a feeling of luxury, so I used a mix of leather and fabric for the seats. I actually used the fabric that I design for Maharam, the American upholstery company.”  

Sir Paul Smith and Land Rover’s chief creative officer Gerry Mcgovern outside PS Mayfair store. Picture from

“I felt it would be a fitting tribute to the iconic Defender, that one of Britain’s most distinguished designers worked with the Land Rover team to recognise his creative vision.” – Gerry McGovern (Design Director and Chief Creative Officer of Land Rover)


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