Wintercroft Masks


Browsing through Etsy I came across this cool shop. They sell a very interesting product. First of all, it is affordable and there are no packaging fees. But it is also a project to feel proud about when you finish it.

Wintercroft designs masks which are straight forward to cut out and assemble, and are intended to be made from waste card. Old cereal boxes are perfect.


Wintercroft’s philosophy is environmentally friendly:

Reduce: The templates are supplied digitally and people build the masks themselves so there is no energy wasted on manufacturing and shipping bulky templates and masks around the world.

Reuse: The masks are intended to be built from discarded, reused or recycled card.

Recycle: All the masks are fully recyclable once you separate cardboard from tape.



Check out this Etsy Shop for more designs.

This is how it works:

Download: Once you have purchased the templates you can download them as a PDF. This means there is no fuel wasted on shipping the templates all over the world. It also means that you have instant access to the files so no waiting for the postman.

Print: The templates are fully compatible with both US Letter Paper or A4 Paper. Just select your appropriate paper in your printer’s setting. Print the templates at actual size and stick them onto card.

Cut out: Cut out, score and fold your pieces.

Make: Match up the corresponding numbers and tape the edges together.


Simple, clever and affordable.

I can’t wait to have an excuse for one of them. Carnival in Tenerife next year? Or this coming Halloween….

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