Elkebana – wall trophy

Designed by Fabio Milito + Paula Studio, Elkebana is advertised as the first trophy suitable for vegans. I think it is a brilliant item of magnificent design, mainly because of its simplicity and strong impact. This is what good design is all about.

I like the name, which comes from the “ikebana”, the ancient Japanese art of arranging floral elements in harmonious compositions.


The variations are as many as your imagination could cope with. It is all about having some fun with it.

Untitled design Untitled design (1)

Elkebana is made of one natural-look wooden shield and two transparent hand-worked glass vases, both extractable, washable and replaceable in case of breakage. They are all different and hand-made in Italy, with quality birch 4cm thick plywood and blown glass.


For more information visit www.elkebana.com or Facebook.


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