Gastón Liberto – Géneros de Punta

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Barcelona is one of those places I call home. As a result of being an expat, I feel the cities and places where you spend some of your lifetime leave a deep trace in you. That’s why I return over and over again.

One of the perks of visiting Barcelona so often is that I get to enjoy some true “Hunt for Design”. This city is a hive of activity.

Quite a few years ago my good friend and fashionista Virginie gave me a very cool t-shirt as a present. I still wear it and I always get some comments about the cool fish by Gastón Liberto:

The Hunter buying some shrubs in Tuscany.

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Gastón Liberto is an Argentinian artist and illustrator who lived in Barcelona for many years. He moved back to Argentina and keeps a strong bond with the city through Géneros de Punta.  The circus and the carnival from his childhood are a source of inspiration for him.

Géneros de Punta in Barcelona. Alessia Galassi runs this quirky shop that you shouldn’t miss when you visit the city.


The shop/gallery is one of those quirky spaces that will not leave you indifferent. I had a chat with Alessia about the few artists that they feature and their work. The place feels like a mix between an old crafts space and an art gallery.

Untitled design (13)

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One of the brands they sell is KIKI. Kimonos for kids, handmade in London with original Japanese fabrics. These would be perfect as a present for new parents or parents to be. You can find out more about this brand on their website or Facebook.

Untitled design (14)

The following two pieces are in the changing room. They are early paintings by Gastón Liberto.

Untitled design (16)

Untitled design (17)

If you are around, you must visit this interesting shop. They kept the sign above the door from an old knitwear and haberdashery shop. In Spanish “géneros de punto” means knitwear but they changed it to “punta” that resembles to “los pelos de punta”, which is goosebumps.


I will post very soon an interview with Gastón Liberto that I am sure it will be of interest. In the meantime, you can visit:

Gastón Liberto on Facebook or his website.

Géneros de Punta on Facebook and their website.

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By the way, if you like the t-shirt I bought, you can buy it through this link: T shirt chico chico avion.

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My purchase.


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