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This week I want to introduce TRULY, a company that basically takes the pressure of finding the perfect gift when you don’t have any more ideas or simply want to try something new. But you don’t need a particular reason to indulge yourself.

TRULY is an investor-backed company based in London, but also present in Toronto and New York.

I strongly believe that experiences are way more significant than material things. We create memories that will accompany us throughout the years, that make us wiser and more experienced after all.

I have been very lucky to share two TRULY experiences so far. Being married to Little Observationist helps a lot since she is a regular collaborator with the company.

My first taste was lunch at Ametsa. This Michelin starred restaurant offers a superb tasting menu with the best flavours from Spain.

The ceiling features a 3D mural of spices of different colours contained in glass tubes. It mimics the chef Arzak‘s lab of spices back in Spain. Picture by Little Observationist.

But the experience starts the minute you receive your gift certificate at home. They look after every single detail, making you feel rather special I have to admit.

Picture by Little Observationist
Picture by Little Observationist

I want to point out that using a top end company like this one will not necessarily mean going bankrupt. There are experiences for every budget, from ₤50 to the most extravagant figures.

Just let yourself be inspired by the professionals and I assure you that you will not disappoint the recipient of your gift.

Here are some examples of what to expect by occasion; a moderate and an over the top experience. Let’s say I am the lucky one (wish list):


Untitled design (3)


Untitled design (4)


Untitled design (5)


Untitled design (6)

The last experience I have enjoyed was a tasting menu at Hibiscus in Mayfair. It was simply a delicious food extravaganza of eight courses by the talented chef Claude Bosi. The staff are very friendly and professional so I strongly recommend it for anyone looking for something new.

If you want to know a bit more about TRULY experiences, visit Little Observationist for detailed and graphic reviews. Also visit TRULY on Facebook or follow them in Twitter.


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  1. What a wonderful review, Jorge. I’m so delighted that you enjoyed both of the experiences and here’s hoping you receive some more for Christmas! 😉

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thank you, I will keep my fingers crossed then!!

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