Skultuna – Stockholm

A few weeks ago I had the chance to spend a weekend in Stockholm, a city I have always wanted to visit and that left me hungry for more Sweden. We ate lots of meatballs and enjoyed the hot Swedish summer.

I was expecting to bump into lots of Scandinavian design. Sadly I am used to London where everything opens 7 days a week and was not expecting to find all the cool shops closed.

But on the hunt I found a very interesting brass company which sells these very cool plant pots:

Flower pot by Monica Förster, from 72€


Skultuna is a brass company over 400 years old, but one of those companies which reinvents itself constantly and offer contemporary design with high levels of craftsmanship.


Shop interior, picture taken through the window.

Skultuna is also the name of the city where this company started. It receives lots of visitors and you could visit the old factory and factory shop.

Nowadays the company collaborates with Sweden’s top designers to create men’s accessories like these:

Sterling silver cuff links 240€
Sterling silver cuff links 240€


Visit Skultuna on Facebook for more interesting pics and information.


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