Zetter Townhouse – Hotel Review – London

So I finally ticked the box. After wishing for so long to stay at The Zetter Townhouse I got to spend the weekend dragged along by Little Observationist who is reviewing the hotel for her blog sponsored by Malibu’s #BestSummerEver campaign.

I posted about this hotel before as I knew it was one of the gems still to experience in London. Check it out!

The hotel did not disappoint, on the contrary it is very much what I was expecting. I want to make a special mention to Dorota who checked us in and showed us around. She gave us lots of information regarding the hotel group, the history and concept behind it. She also gave us a tour around the Zetter, the sister hotel across the square, showing us a very nice bedroom and suite. She finally showed us the restaurant where we decided to have lunch and were invited to cocktails. Superb!



The Lobby

The hotel lobby is one of a kind, more like an inviting quirky drawing room. The reception area is a small corner where we were offered a chair and some water while Dorota dealt with the formalities.

The interior design is Russell Sage‘s work, a fantastic combination of antiques and revamped furniture with stuffed animals scattered around.

Reception area and check in desk
Meet Henry the kangaroo.
Sadly some heartless individual stole Fifi’s unbrella and handbag.
We had cocktails at this very spot that night.

IMG_8334 IMG_8336 IMG_8338 IMG_8342 IMG_8343

Room 11

We were allocated to room 11, a great one and Dorota‘s favourite. This room is very inviting and cosy, with lots of details but does not feel crammed at all. I could actually move in and live there!

IMG_8366 IMG_8356 IMG_8351 IMG_8349

Every single aspect of the room has been thoroughly placed in the right spot. The minibar and coffee facilities are great. They do not stock milk in the fridge so you always get it fresh. I didn’t know and because we spent most of the day exploring the hotel, having lunch and so on, they didn’t have the chance to leave us milk. So when I requested some they brought a tray with an old silver jar full of fresh milk for us.



The bathtub

This is the selling point of this room, a decadent and overly done bathtub with golden tiles and marble. Simply magnificent.

The room has a full bathroom with a rain shower and all the amenities.

IMG_8373 IMG_8377 IMG_8358 IMG_8352


Breakfast is served in the lobby and guests can help themselves to a wide selection of breads, cereals and homemade jams.




Overall it was a great experience. But hotels are basically their staff and The Zetter Townhouse has an amazing team that delivers outstanding customer service. That is the allure of stepping into a different hotel that doesn’t feel like one at a first glance.

The only downside, very fluffy pillows. Nothing major.

The prices are lower during the weekend, basically because the area is a bit dead being so close to The City. This is just another incentive for Londoners like us to go for a different weekend experience.

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