Wedding branding

So Hunt for Design is back after a short period of madness. The reason has been no other than The Hunter‘s wedding!!

Wedding preparations can take over your life if you let them. For our wedding we wanted to escape from clichés, banquet halls and hotels. Nothing against them but that was simply not us.

This post is called wedding branding because of an idea we had for some drinks tokens that ended up branding the whole thing. Stephanie’s dad creates bird feeders and PVC products so he suggested we could have fun drink tokens like little PVC coins.

The whole concept escalated from the drinks token that was designed to look like a coin. Coins have king’s heads, so from that starting point we took profile pictures and made this with Photoshop.




The next step was the wine labels since we were drinking the family wine, harvested and produced in Spain and shipped all the way to London. So during one of my short visits to Spain I printed the labels where we used the same concept and filled and labelled the bottles with the help of my father (true wine maker) and my cousin.

label definitiva


Proud wine connoisseur

We ordered from The English Stamp Company a personalised stamp with the same motif and we used it for the confetti sachets, thank you cards and all stationery.


Hand made confetti

As we didn’t want a big banquet hall we decided to go local and we chose one of our favourite restaurants, Bumpkin in Chelsea. They specialise in seasonal British food and the restaurant has a charming garden and quirky feel that we very much appreciate.

Not only was the place right but the food was excellent and the staff were amazing. They helped us all the way and went beyond our expectations for us to have the perfect day. So branding the menu was a must!!


Some personal touches included name tags using vintage luggage tags and fresh rosemary, small flower arrangements and old style terracotta pots with lavender and selaginella.

We wanted to have an outdoors/garden feeling and it was definitely very much achieved. Bumpkin did an excellent job arranging all our ideas into a very cosy table setting.





We commissioned the cake from a very good friend and better baker, Stroma. The result spoke for itself and tasted even better. Look at this beauty!

Cake topper from

Having such talented friends made things much easier. A very special wedding present was this superb earl grey liquor made especially for us by La Vieja Licorería. The whole process of the creation of this liquor makes it very special. My friends Fabián and Elena wanted to give us a very special present, so we had a few dinner parties in their amazing wooden house. Over good food and better wine we chose the flavour and Fabián handcrafted a few blends that we then tasted and came up with a final choice.

So this particular Earl Grey liquor is not on the market. They do elaborate exquisite ones though that we very much recommend.


We were very much impressed by the content but the presentation was brilliant too. Fabián is also a poet who wrote this very touching paragraph for us. The translation does not do it justice as it is meant to be read in Spanish.

“The first glances between Stephanie and Jorge, the first words, the first tea shared: velvety but firm, with character, bubbly bergamot and jet black ending. Little burnings in the memory and a beautiful future to share.”

Speaking of talented friends, probably our first present were the wedding invitations by the famous illustrator Lucy McDonald. We just gave her some ideas over a dinner party at home (the best conversations are always over good food and drinks), mainly the idea of plane trails. We never expected anything in particular but nothing like this which was just perfect.

Check out her website for future reference: The Story House.


The Hunter is very lucky to have such talented and inspiring friends, so this post is sincerely dedicated to all those who helped and lent us their creative minds. As the Hunt for Design continues I hope some of this content will inspire you as well.

This is a big big thank you to all of you, and against my shyness here is a picture of The Hunter and his beautiful wife and talented blogger Stephanie.





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  1. Cassie says:

    I love this post, what an awesome idea for your wedding!

  2. Thank you! I’m glad you liked it

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