Cookery School

A few weeks ago Chris invited me amongst an interesting blogger crew to this amazing experience. Not only do you get to learn something but the atmosphere was great and the food was delicious.

The Cookery School is the perfect alternative to a corporate party and it is located right in the centre of London. The staff are very well trained and professional.

This is how it all started!








IMG_1380 IMG_1379
The Menu: Pasta made from scratch with asparagus and garlic sauce. Tiramisu for pudding.

The Cookery School puts you in touch with kitchen appliances that you can only dream of owning. Hygiene standards are impressive but it doesn’t feel like a laboratory.

We got to play with these beauties like authentic pros.


IMG_1374 IMG_1375

With those amazing knives and my improved chopping skills, this was the result. (Little Observationist‘s pic)

Once the pasta was ready, we got to build a nice and delicious tiramisu. I have to say that being split into groups helped, and without the impressive teamwork, my tiramisu would have been worse.


Pic from Little Observationist
Pic from Little Observationist
My proud creation (it was delicious the following day)


Once we washed our hands, the room was cleared and set up for dinner, so we got to eat our own pasta and joined in fun conversation with our fellow cooks. They served a very simple and tasty salad plus a previously prepared tiramisu for pudding.

IMG_1386 IMG_1389


I strongly recommend this experience to everyone. The Cookery School has different courses and options if you want to learn how to cook Spanish food for example. Check it out!!

And we didn’t leave empty handed but with a substantial goodie bag full of the best ingredients we had been using plus a few surprises:

Pic by Little Observationist
Pic by Little Observationist

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