Hello my name is Paul Smith – Design Museum London

A few weeks ago I had the chance to visit the Design Museum. I bought tickets trough Time Out London which included this exhibition and Designs of the year 2014.

I have always been an admirer of Paul Smith‘s work. Sometimes too modern or trendy for me, but I always find nice leather pieces or complements (in particular my naughty wallet). It was very interesting to see so much of Paul Smith in one place.

The exhibition has been extended so there is time if you want to have a look.

This a reproduction of the very first shop.


There is an impressive collection of prints. The exhibition flows around it.
IMG_0749 IMG_0750 IMG_0751 IMG_0753 IMG_0754 IMG_0755

Many designers have a signature print or pattern, Paul Smith stripes are an icon already. Have a look at this Mini.

IMG_0757 IMG_0759 IMG_0761

They have recreated the crammed office based in Covent Garden.

IMG_0763 IMG_0765

The very first showroom was a room in a Parisian hotel. This is a funky cardboard reproduction:

IMG_0766 IMG_0767 IMG_0769 IMG_0770 IMG_0771 This is a small picture of a huge wall all covered in colourful buttons.


There is a gallery with iconic pieces, here are just a few of them:

Women’s dress (silk Union Jack). Spring/Summer 2007.
Men’s cotton jacket. (Made from Afgan blankets). Spring/Summer 2005.



Men’s silk velvet jacket. Spring/Summer 1998


I strongly recommend visiting this exhibition and the Design Museum, there is always something interesting to see. And don’t forget a stroll along the Thames.


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