Kitchen gadgets 2


This is the second time I post about kitchen gadgets. You can have a look at the first post HERE.

There is not much to say, but to have a look at what is available in the market for you cooking freaks. These items are usually relegated to late night TV.

Little Observatonist knows how fascinating they are for me, so she took these pics for us last time she was in New York. I hope you enjoy them:


I really think that the regular potato masher would do the work, but hey I am no expert.
Another one to gather dust in your drawer.
No comments about this one.
This is what I call being lazy. One more thing to clean, as if making meatballs wasn’t messy enough.
I am actually quite curious about this one.
I guess if you are using the whole butter block you could make good use of the butter slicer.
No need of extra comments.
I am still wondering how to use this one.
I have always seen my grandma doing this with no more help than a fork, but hey this looks like fun.
This is pretty serious stuff, now you can carry your muffing to work without worrying too much about it being all destroyed by the time you are going to enjoy it.
Haven’t you always wondered….?
Nothing but a fun sink strainer


After moving houses quite a few times, I have a very personal approach to buying stuff. I really hate moving houses (the process) and I have always used it as an excuse to donate bags of clothes and stuff to charity. So I am quite skeptical when it comes to gadgets.

But as always I have to salute the talent and inventive minds behind each one of those items. And that is what I want to enhance with my post, creative people that have helped improve our world with small but important things.


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