Zetter Townhouse – London

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The Zetter Townhouse is one of those boxes I haven’t ticked yet, but I hope I will very soon. At least for a few drinks, I am sure it is definitely worth it.


This Georgian Townhouse has only 11 rooms and two suites. It is a quirky and eclectic hotel, perfect for a different London experience. If you like to stay in unique places, this is one of them.

I haven’t managed to have a day trip to EC London, but that does not mean I will not show you this place. That is why I have taken the pictures from their website, which are more than good ones, by the way.

Let’s have a look first at the Cocktail Lounge. It is full of exotic items and antiques, making the experience of having a drink a memorable one.

Lounge Bar Daytime Photographer: Andreas von Einsiedel
Wilhalmina Photographer: Jefferson Smith
Lounge Fireplace Photographer: Juilet Murphy
ZTH Lounge Daytime Photographer: Juilet Murphy
Lounge Mantelpiece Photographer: Juilet Murphy
It’s A Cat In A Dress Photographer: Juilet Murphy

Taxidermy is back, there is no doubt about it. The most prestigious magazines are publishing it and I found some cool samples at the Saatchi Gallery today. And that is a stuffed cat in a dress, indeed.

Lounge Fireplace Daytime Photographer: Andreas von Einsiedel

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The Cocktail Lounge has been awarded Best Hotel Bar 2011 and Best Place to Drink 2012 by The Observer Food Monthly.

Photograph- Levon Biss for the Observer Food Monthly
Photograph- Levon Biss for The Observer Food Monthly

Living in SW London, a sleepover wouldn’t be that crazy. It could be the perfect excuse to stay the night. Now have a look at the rooms, very cosy indeed. I like the British vibe and the homely atmosphere that they have.

Deluxe Room Photographer: Jefferson Smith
Club Room Photographer: Jefferson Smith
Apartment Living Room Photographer: Juilet Murphy
Townhouse Apartment Bed Photographer: Jefferson Smith
Deluxe Room Bath Photographer: Jefferson Smith
Club Room Photographer: Jefferson Smith
Photo from http://writingsandwanderlust.com/cool-london-hotels/


The Zetter Townhouse has become a place to see and to be seen. Last year Esquire and Tommy Hilfiger hosted a party to celebrate London Collections: Men.

Now that The Hunter is planning a wedding, this was one of the venue options. Other couples have celebrated weddings here, as you can see in Lovemydress.net. (Yes, I am now familiar with this and many other related blogs…)

This hotel is now on every list of cool accommodations in London, and it is obvious why. There are more and more people that look for an experience much more than a boring room to leave their stuff while strolling around a new city.

Zetter Townhouse Website

Zetter Townhouse Facebook

Zetter Townhouse Twitter

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