Winston Flowers – Boston


As I mentioned in a previous post, Newbury Street is a must-visit in Boston. My last day in the city I went for a morning walk and coffee when I noticed a small entrance of a flower shop. Both sides of the entrance were framed by big London Pots from Domani.

So I walked in with the intention of nosing around. The staff was very friendly and I exchanged some impressions about pots and garden design with Adrienne. I also bought a very nice bunch of tulips to leave in the room as a surprise for Steph, who was staying in Boston for the rest of the week while I was flying back to London that same day.


IMG_0283 IMG_0281 IMG_0280 IMG_0279 IMG_0277 IMG_0276 IMG_0275 IMG_0274

Winston Flowers is an institution in Boston and they take care of the most important hotels in the city. Last week I visited a Bostonian client in London and she told me that if you want something done in Boston, you contact Winston Flowers!

I had a look around their small flower shop but later I did some research and found lots of interesting things to share. As a Garden Designer myself I can’t help but look around gardens and seek out anything garden-related  in every new city I visit. This time it seems I stumbled upon the most renowned company for the industry in Boston.

For a start let’s have a look at some of their commissions for various events. You will notice better quality pictures as I borrowed them from their website, whilst the previous ones were taken with my iPhone:

W_23 PE_Addons (19) PE_Addons (14) PE_35 PE_21 PE_14

Boston is very cold in the winter and most gardens are just covered in snow. But the spring and summer are ideal for enjoying the outdoors. Winston Flowers has a big team that designs and builds very interesting and appealing outdoor spaces:

GD_58 GD_49 GD_39 GD_14 GD_04 936562_10151572511408536_1964345876_n 577665_10150915316618536_246334073_n 550719_10150915316278536_1960230853_n 9519_133189618535_6489673_n

I particularly like how they use Domani pots as focal points in the different spaces. The planting is also very clever and eye-catching.

I can’t wait to visit the city during the summer and find more New England style.

If you want more information about Winston Flowers:

Winston Flowers website




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