Domani pots

Domani is a Belgian company that has been around for almost 20 years. They have developed old baking techniques and craftsmanship to produce striking pieces of pottery.

Not only have they improved their terracotta to make it frost resistant and suitable for non-Mediterranean countries, but they have created a whole new range of outdoor pots in various materials. These are also very clean and appealing.

“Once we have thoroughly researched the tradition, we find her again. Because we always try to go further than what people expect, we have our own stamp on the material,” says Jan Buelens (Designer).

Here is a selection of our favourite pieces from their website:

Terracotta outdoors:

Lava collection
Lava collection
Axel collection
Axel collection

Terracota indoors:

Batur collection
Batur collection
Hanoi collection
Hanoi collection
Minsk collection
Minsk collection

Minsk is one of the hunter’s favourite. This and other collections could be found at The Chelsea Gardener, also in their online shop.

Here is a small selection of their displays:

Conservatory display
Domani display at The Chelsea Gardener

IMG_9778 IMG_9782

There are more products designed by Domani: fountains, zinc pots and furniture and polyester pots. All of them are beautifully crafted and there are even some limited editions.

If you like their products, you can find them at The Chelsea Gardener in London.

For nicer pictures visit their Facebook page.


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