Designer Zoo – Copenhagen


During my trip to Copenhagen I tried to visit as many interesting shops as I could. There are plenty of quirky and small shops around the city centre, but Designer Zoo is worth crossing the sex shops of Vesterbro into the “new hipster” bit of Copenhagen.

This shop is a very interesting guild of designers, mostly ceramic, and if it wasn’t for how annoying it is carrying suitcases, I would have bought some very interesting pieces.

IMG_8907 IMG_8906 IMG_8905

The shop is quite open and you can find lots of ceramics scattered around.


IMG_8854 IMG_8899

Mugs by Lone Borgen
Marco Friis
Marco Friis
Funny things from Form Fatale
I really regret not having bought these cool egg cups, if anybody knows who the designer is, please leave a comment.
Anna Carin Dahl
Pieces by Malene Helbak are everywhere.
Jane Holmberg is amongst my favourites.
Finnsdottir makes very interesting ceramics, many of which I can’t really find a purpose for, but they are still very appealing. Now you can find them in Heals in London.
Tables by Karsten Lauritsen, designer and owner of Designer Zoo.

IMG_8855 IMG_8856 IMG_8857 IMG_8858 IMG_8859 IMG_8862 IMG_8871 IMG_8872 IMG_8878 IMG_8884 IMG_8885

More Finnsdotir pieces
Henriette Duckert
Marion Fortat

Other shops worth visiting are Hay  for furniture and the huge Illums Bolighus right in the city centre. The last one is one of the biggest department stores full of Danish design and a very interesting section of kitchenware.

Window display at Illums Bolighus

For more information there are links under most photos to the designer’s websites. Many of them are in Danish but you can also visit Designer Zoo on Facebook.


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  1. My mug 🙂

  2. Jette says:

    The Egg cups is designed by Anna Olivia. You can by them online here:

    1. Thanks for the tip!

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