Little City Observations

From the 11th of November Stephanie Sadler will hold her first solo exhibition in Chelsea. She takes very interesting and striking pictures of street art, people and every city she visits. Stephanie knows many of the street artists personally and has interviewed them for her blog. But she is also very good at capturing things around us, things most people pass by without paying any attention.

Check out this video where she explains more about her upcoming exhibition.

This is an opportunity to become part of her dream and her exhibition. Through kick starter you can fund from as little as £1 and depending on the amount of your donation you will obtain and an invitation for the opening night party amongst other freebies.

If you want to find out more about her work, visit her new blog and the famous Little London Observationist which she has been writing for four years now. There is also an  Etsy shop and Facebook site.

Here is a small sample of her work:

150456_944688779393_1133490743_n 387051_909226466153_363237690_n 936800_967736037503_1335272323_n 1383258_10100144371635323_864208725_n

6325_944863055143_1583466334_n 311189_881922323873_1001187973_n 486303_881723158003_233525155_n 540727_945222884043_1830457518_n 998540_999861602613_1632441363_n 1002093_990820545963_1516498298_n 1009904_985183482683_846546317_n 1013250_10100101060326533_922651060_n 1175275_10100114510676923_395145581_n 1186196_10100144828444873_414885192_n 1234136_10100139141621313_393161773_n 1375162_10100144827651463_974484298_n 1383681_10100144829672413_1373895122_n

If you think young talent is worth some contribution don’t think twice and make yours HERE. The Hunter is also a backer.

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