Kitchen gadgets design

I want to show you some practical design. The one that will fill your kitchen units with lots of useful items. The problem comes when you use that device only once and it keeps taking space but you do not really want to get rid of it.

Anyway, I think there is some serious thinking behind them and they deserve some respect. As everything we use in life, things have to be conceived, drawn, tested and modified until they finally reach the market. I brought you a small sample from a shop called Premier, upstate New York. It is highly recommended for delicatessen and good wines.

Let’s start with this tomato holder. I have my doubts as I can’t imagine having to wash this thing every time:


On the other hand I never thought the following device existed. I honestly don’t very much enjoy removing the leaves from my strawberries:



How to remove the cherry pits:


Or how to separate those annoying filters!!:


I am really curious about the following two items:



This is a very clever idea, although I cover everything with cling film:


At my parents the rule was finishing it before leaving a small piece of anything. But someone had to come up with this idea:



Have you ever wondered how to butter your corn? The following item will make kids enjoy the experience:


What about cleaning vegetables before eating them? I never thought you would need a specific brush for each veggie; in fact to me they all look the same:



Chef Harvey is the most amazing brand. For anything you might need to do in your kitchen, and I mean anything, there is a gadget in the market:




The following section is quite controversial. When I was a kid I was always told that food was not a toy, so when eating we had to respect some rules and manners. To me, the following items are wrong since they distract the kids from the real purpose of eating and they turn it into a game. But what are your thoughts about them?:




A cool spoon is fun, but this is a complete different level, transporting peas from point A to point B or piling up the mash….I guess the food should be eaten at some point:




Finally “the one”, the gadget we all wished we had at that time when we were crying our eyes out over an onion:




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  1. digger666 says:

    Reblogged this on digger666 and commented:
    If you were writing fiction, you really couldn’t make up some of these gadgets.

    1. Thank you for reblogging!!

  2. Vibeke says:

    A question: The coconut tool also helps you open the coconut? Because I don’t really have a saw around at my place, and that was the way my dad fixed the “problem” when I was a kid…. So look for the coconut opener tool next time, ok? 🙂 Because I haven’t eaten coconut since!

    And we could’t play with food either, but experience has showed me that for the new generation, that’s the way to do it…. Pea transporter – make sure it gets cold and yucky before eating =P

    Onion Goggles – no comment to the design 😦

    1. I didn’t get to use any of the gadgets. I am afraid there is nothing that could beat the saw.

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