Cuervo – Cobblerblack bird – Barcelona

I just arrived from Barcelona and it proved to be a very inspirational trip. I got to see some of my good friends (sadly not all of them), and I found very interesting things to share with you.

This is the first one:

A little jewel in Barcelona is this artisan shop. Bespoke shoes are designed and made with passion.

Cuervo - Cobblerblack bird
Cuervo – Cobblerblack bird

This kind of craft is not easy to find anymore. But this group of craftsmen have created a magic spot in the centre of Barcelona.

Beautiful shoes
Beautiful shoes

Every gentleman´s dream
Every gentleman’s dream

This is not only a shop but a studio and workshop that you can glance from the showroom. Behind the scenes expert hands transform the best quality materials into unique pieces, made to measure and fitted like a pair of gloves.


Emili showed me around and explained the process. Shame my visit was not long enough for commissioning my own pair of formal shoes.

You can find some more information on their Facebook site and their website.


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