Barcelona – City of Design

One of my favourite cities, vibrant and full of creativity, this is Barcelona. This week The Hunter will be looking for inspiration and ideas around the city. But most important, Barcelona hosts some of my best friends who are amongst those creative minds.

These are some pictures from my last visit:

The Hunter around Barcelona (Photolarks)
The Hunter around Barcelona (Photo Larks)
La Boquería
La Boquería
Paseo de Gracia by Photo Larks
Building by Photo Larks
Street art (Photo Larks)
Plaza del Rey (Photo Larks)
Public bikes (Photo Larks)
Happy Pills; funky sweets (Photo Larks)
Swing dancers at Plaza de la Virreina (Photo Larks)
Fuet and other dry meat; La Boquería (Photo Larks)
Plaza de la Villa de Gracia (Photo Larks)

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  1. Glad my photos came in handy. 🙂 Have a fun trip!! Looking forward to seeing what you discover this time. You should take a photo of the giant cat for me.

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