Hello Fresh, dine at home.

A few weeks ago my girlfriend received a box of ingredients for cooking some recipes at home and to review the company on her blog. I have to say the food was delicious and will certainly get at least one of those boxes per month.

But I want to write about the concept itself. The idea is to eat healthy using only the best quality products, easy recipes and home delivery for free (entire UK). So yes it sounds great and it truly is.

Sample box
Sample box

As a concept I think it is brilliantly designed. For a start their website is very cool, clean and easy. They deliver the exact ingredients you need for each meal. Therefore you don’t need to buy a jar of spices that you might not use ever again; you get everything individually packed. This is actually very good in case you have any allergies.

Recipe, ingredients breakdown.
Recipe, ingredients breakdown.
Easy steps at the back
Easy steps at the back

The recipes are printed very nicely and the whole design has been thoroughly studied. The downside, no leftovers…

Here is a video where Patrick (head chef) explains the concept.

My suggestion, go for it as you will not regret it.

Visit the review by Little London Observationist here.

Hello Fresh website.


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  1. Great idea actually! I like the idea of not having to buy a pack of spices only if you want to make e.g. indian samosas once in your life. That duck salad looks tempting!

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