Interview with Pedro Paricio

“…when I am happy I go to see art. When I am sad, I go to see art. Art gives meaning to my life”. Pedro Paricio

Walking New Bond Street (one of the most expensive and chic in London) I came across the Halcyon Gallery quite a few months ago. Like most of the shops along this street, it looks like a place where I will not find anything that my credit card could cope with. But the good thing is that you don’t have to pay an entrance fee. You can expect very friendly and courteous people and the most important, amazing art.

So during one of those visits I found out about Pedro Paricio and his work. I am not an art expert but I can tell you what I like and what I don’t. Paricio’s paintings are huge magnets full of colour and make me wish I had the big white wall for hanging one of his pieces.

Pedro Paricio (Spain 1982) completed his studies in fine art at university in Barcelona in 2006, having previously studied in Tenerife and Salamanca. In 2011, Paricio exhibited “Master Painters” at London’s Halcyon Gallery and this is where I got to see his paintings for the first time.

He currently lives and works between Tenerife, Barcelona and London. Oddly enough I am from Tenerife, lived in Barcelona for 3 years and have been another 2 in London. So I had to interview him and he didn’t disappoint me:

Hunter: I have read about your background and the talent you projected since an early age. Amongst many others who inspired your work you have mentioned Bacon, Matisse and Picasso. But Pedro Paricio is a well known and recognised artist already that might inspire some other artists in the future. What aspect of your art would you like to leave a trace?

P.P: The same left by Rafael, Caravaggio, Basquiat, Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Francis Bacon, Velázquez and all the great masters, because their legacy is about one only thing: the human spirit.

H: As we share strong bonds with three particular places, I would like to ask you for one adjective for describing each of them.

P.P: Canary Islands: colour, Barcelona: design and London: art.

Halcyon Gallery
Halcyon Gallery

H: I found very clean and intense paintings on huge canvases that catch all the attention. There is a very thin line between abstract and figurative art. How do you define the exhibition “Diary of an Artist and other stories”? What should the visitor and buyer expect?

P.P: The last series I am working on, a way of understanding life, painting.

Pedro Paricio
Pedro Paricio
I am painting. 116×89 cm.
I am painting. 130×162 cm.

 H: What other projects are you working on right now?

P.P: All my previous, present and future work could be described with three verbs: painting, studying and living.

H: How is your studio in Barcelona? Do you work in one only space? What is basic for you to have around?

 P.P: It is a cave of platonic images, an underground full of books, paintings and shamanic objects. It is a mirror of my soul.

Dialogue, 116×89 cm
Dialogue, 116×89 cm

 H: As a designer myself, I truly believe that the space and the objects that we have around are basic for our mood and creativity. Do you agree with this?

P.P: Our environment affects us deeply. I live and work surrounded by objects (letters, drawings, toys, antiques and clutter) which have a strong influence on my way of seeing, being and ultimately painting. At the same time the human being has such a powerful mind that can close in on itself and build an interior world, away from reality and adapt to any situation.


 H: Could you give me your first and quick answer for the following?:

P.P: Painter: Francis Bacon // Sculptor: Eva Hesse // Writer: Dostoyevski // A place for buying art: Halcyon Gallery // A place for seeing art: Museo del Prado  // A city: London // A place for resting: the mountain  // For escaping: a painting.

H: We are in London and we visit the Halcyon Gallery with Pedro Paricio. Where would you take us from here?

 P.P: To The National Gallery.

H: Where can we find your work right now?

P.P: Any of the Halcyon Gallery venues (New Bond Street, Harrods and Shanghai)

I would like to thank Pedro Paricio for his time and would like to invite you all to have a look at the following links:

Pedro Paricio’s official website.

Strongly recommended, Halcyon Gallery.


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    Interview with Pedro Paricio

  2. Reblogged this on WhatisDanidoing by Daniela Caliandro and commented:
    I love colours, design and art. If I was a painter I will paint my brain in different magical shades of beautiful blue, red and green. But I’m an actress so I’ll paint my brain with pure, wonderful feelings of a sick soul.
    Love Pedro. 😍

    1. Thanks for taking the time and writing. I hope you have enjoyed the post, he is an amazing artist.

    1. Hello, very interesting work.

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