Christmas Jumpers

Save the Children has set 14th December as the official Christmas Jumper Day.

Ever since Bridget Jones showed the world how hilarious Christmas jumpers could be, they became incredibly popular, especially in the UK. It’s all about your choice, from classy and cosy to hideous creations.

So, why not turn the fact that we all want to wear a funny jumper into something charitable?  Or if you have always wanted to buy one of them but felt like there was no such need. The idea is simple, fun and we will be supporting a dedicated charity.

It’s as easy as signing up here. You will receive a Christmas Jumper Day Kit. You can get involved at your work place, with friends or family.

Hunt for Design has selected a few options. What do you think?

Some suggestions for guys:, £31.99, £31.99
Urban Outfitters, £45.00
Urban Outfitters, £45.00, £30.00, £30.00, £38.00, £38.00, £32.00, £32.00, £35.00, £35.00, £32.00, £32.00
Top Man, £38.00
Top Man, £38.00

I can’t quite decide yet which of the following I should buy:

Top Man, £32.00
Top Man, £32.00, £35.00, £35.00

Some suggestions for girls:

Many of the above jumpers are unisex; therefore here are just some more ideas., £40.00, £40.00
Top Shop, £39.00
Top Shop, £39.00
Marks & Spencer, £35.00
Marks & Spencer, £35.00
Top Shop, £50.00
Top Shop, £50.00

Next one was chosen by Little London Observationist:

Joy, £45.00
Joy, £45.00

So, which one would you choose? Remember, is not only for fun but for a good cause.

For more information visit the following links:

Save the Children

Christmas Jumper 

Urban Outfitters


Love Clothing

Top Man

Christmas Jumper Company 

Top Shop

Marks & Spencer



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Light Friday says:

    I really like this type of sweaters, comfy and cool 🙂

  2. Irene says:

    So cute!!!! 😀

  3. brulionman says:

    have to be brave to wear red one (guy with afro hairstyle) 😀

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