The LowLine-NYC

The High Line in NYC has proven to be a very successful project. Cities like New York lack available space, therefore  finding new and innovative places has developed into this great idea. The High Line reclaimed overground railways and The LowLine will transform an abandoned tube station into a very singular green space.

Station abandoned for more than 60 years

The Lower East Side has become the equivalent to Shoreditch in London; edgy design and a lot of things going on. This station is bigger than the average park in NYC.


Have a look at the following renders from the project. It doesn’t look like an underground space at all.

The architect has come up with a very clever and elaborate idea for bringing the light under the surface.

Not only will the place be filled with light, the system will provide the right light in order to allow plant growth and survival. It is a very complex high-tech system, using fiber optics and lighting units to channel daylight into the tunnel.

Architect: James Ramsey

Location: New York City

To find out more:

– Visit The LowLine website and Facebook page.

LowLine: An Underground Park on NYC’s Lower East Side


This is merely a project for now. I missed the exhibition held last month but as I am visiting NYC later this week, I will try to find out more on site.

So Hunt for Design will be back at the end of the month. Who knows if with more astonishing design from NYC. If you miss me in the meantime, visit my Facebook page or my recently updated website.


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  1. Cos says:

    I love the High Line and I’m very curious of this project. I’m hoping it’s as nice as the High Line!

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