Françoise Nielly

So far, my favourite painter. I discovered her work in Barcelona, in a gallery called Villa del Arte, very close to the cathedral. My first reaction was stopping in front of the window and couldn’t help but staring at a huge canvas for quite a few minutes. The use of colour and the thick brushstrokes create the most vivid portraits.

Villa del Arte Galleries, Barcelona.

Françoise Nielly grew up in the South of France and studied at the Beaux Arts and Decorative Arts. She paints portraits or human bodies with oil and knife. She describes her job as sensual and incisive, always using a dazzling colour palette.

110×110 cm canvas, Gallery Different, London

She lives and paints in Paris, very close Montmartre. Before painting she used to work in advertising and as a photographer.

Untitled 642, Sold

Reading her profile on her own website I found a very interesting bit that I quote here:
“In France, you have the soul of Impressionism all around you. From Claude Monet to Pierre Auguste Renoir, many great masters lived and created in that beautiful country. When you look back in art history, which artists and art movements do you find closer to yourself?
Impressionism is quite far away now. Museums do nurture that image, that part of art in history because it is very popular and it keeps attracting crowds. But in fact, a lot of things happened since : cubism, dada, surrealism, pop, etc….”

Facebook Site
Untitled 572, Sold

Her paintings are becoming so popular that appeared at Citroën Champs-Elysées Showroom. Also as an iPhone cover.

Facebook Site
Facebook Site

I own two small prints that I bought in Barcelona, but wouldn’t mind hanging one of these huge paintings in my humble London flat.

Really worth visiting her website and Facebook Site.

Shopping in Barcelona: Villa del Arte Galleries.

Shopping in London: Gallery Different.


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