Union Jack Madness

We have witnessed many events during 2012. The Queen celebrated her Diamond Jubilee and 2012 Olympics. The year before, we had the Royal Wedding.

Both royal celebrations came with a bank holiday and street parties spred across the UK. Merchandising, souvenirs and lots of products with the Union Jack on them filled the shops all around the country.

From the very tacky to the high end, it is everywhere. Is very nice to see people proud of their country and their flag.GB team couldn’t have had better support.

So let’s focus on this new trend of Union Jack madness. Top range retailers like John Lewis have their department store windows covered with memorabilia. If you feel like having the flag in the kitchen, why not go for a fridge or a cooker. Believe it or not they exist.

Smeg fridge
Cooker and Oven

I would personally go for a pair of discreet cufflinks. These ones with a blue Union Jack, based on Stella McCartney design for the atletes’ uniform.

I have seen one  or two of these very patriotic Minis. It looks better in reality than in a picture. I have to admit that is quite something.

The classic pillow
“an angel at my table”, buy online

British fashion couldn’t escape from this trend. From t-shirts to jackets, from head to toe, one could be dressed in Union Jack if wanted.

Wellington boots by Hunter
Bag by Barbour

But there is also space for the most quirky and bizarre items. Underwear is such a big market. Forget about the typical pair of socks you can buy in Picadilly Circus. There is much more out there…

Photograph: David Graves / Rex Features

I don’t know anyone brave enough, but I found this very interesting “mankini”. Don’t be ashamed, no need to walk into a shop but you can buy it online.

£12,99 bargain

Check out Little London Observationist‘s blog for pictures of londoners celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and Spirit of the Queen’s Jubilee.


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