Welcome on board, just relax and enjoy the flight.

Travelling is one of the most enriching experiences and for some of us there is never enough of it. But the process of getting there could be a nightmare in many cases.

Once we get the best offer and tickets have been booked, we look forward to departure. Heading to the airport, double check passports and butterflies in your stomach, nothing like the thrill of adventure.

And there we are in a very hostile environment with shiny surfaces and the latest architecture. Queues for checking in, “have I respected the weight limit?”, “that many hours of delay?”; queues for security control: “I forgot the plastic bag for the toiletries!!!”. And the stress is building up.

Since low cost flights are very much in demand we have became used to being treated like cattle, with very strict rules about what we can and we can’t do. Cheap means no service, paying outrageous amounts for a tiny bottle of water seems to be normal.

Some remember not that long ago when the service was included and the experience of flying was much more appealing. But there is another world out there.

Sometimes the access to economy class is through business class and you feel like you don’t really want to keep walking down the aisle into the darkness of economy once you have gotten a glance at those confy and spacious seats, fluffy pillows and big screens. Before you realise you are already there stuck in a tiny seat for the next 8 or 11 hours.

But beyond business class other world exists; by turning left a very different experience awaits to the privileged few. Hunt for Design has selected a few examples of these very thoroughly designed spaces.

Singapore Airlines has been selected Best Airline in the world for many years and their First Class experience looks amazing. Designed by leading French luxury yacht designer Jean-Jacques Coste. 

Singapore Airlines Suites by http://www.samchuiphotos.com

There is a very strict “no-sex policy” on board Singapore Airlines. It seems when they launched the suites in their first A380 they didn’t think people would be very tempted in such a cozy and romantic setting.


Add Givenchy tableware and linen, exquisite food and selected wines and Salvatore Ferragamo amenities. Also the largest screen in the sky. It feels like spending your holidays on board.


Have a look at his short video from SIA website.

Qatar Airlines was selected best airline of the year by World Airline Awards and Etihad Airways‘ as best first class cabin of the year.

Etihad Airways

There is an interactive demo on their website.

Some other services in the sky, an open bar.

Virgin Atlantic

And even the possibility of having a proper shower before landing.

Undoubtedly the most lavish and luxurious is Emirates with golden details and all kind of extras for your entertainment. A little bit too much. If there is such a thing as too much luxury.

Emirates dinner service
All you could possibly need

I have been upgraded several times but only once to a fully flat bed seat. I was so excited that I wanted to experience every gadget, entertainment and so on. But I fell asleep and only woke up before landing, disappointed but very well rested!

If you want to explore further into these and many more designed cabins here are some interesting websites:




Finally a peak into a future post, Airport Lounges.

Qantas Lounge, Sydney International Airport. Designed by Qantas Creative Director Marc Newson

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